Bournemouth University

Annual Review 2014



“This year’s Annual Review highlights how BU just keeps getting better. From our excellent teaching to our cutting-edge research and professional practice, we continue to create, share and inspire people through Fusion.

There have been some exciting developments this year including the new Student Centre and the new academic building. In addition, we remain the only university to be nationally commended for the quality of our student learning opportunities.

Many people have contributed to this success. Firstly the BU Board and University Chancellery . Secondly the outgoing President of the Students’ Union Murray Simpson and his team, including his successor Chloe Schendel-Wilson. Thanks must also go to our students, the BU alumni and our friends in Dorset and beyond.

Finally, a very special thanks to the BU staff who have helped make us a successful and confident university.”

Professor John Vinney - Vice-Chancellor

Professor John Vinney

 “The Board is delighted with the university’s achievements over the past year. BU’s success is self-evident from its ground-breaking education and research, the awards it has received and the high quality of student applications.

Last year the Board approved unprecedented investment into transforming BU’s facilities to ensure that we offer the best possible educational experience. Progress to date on several ambitious building projects remains on target. We congratulate the Vice-Chancellor and his team, the Deans, Directors of the Professional Services, and all university staff on their significant efforts.

The Board would like to thank the Chancellor, Pro Chancellors, fundraising champions and benefactors for their generous support which enriches the experience of students and staff.

As a valued member of the Board, we wish to recognise the exceptional contribution of this year’s Students’ Union President, Murray Simpson and look forward to working with new President, Chloe Schendel-Wilson.”

Sue Sutherland OBE, Chair of the University Board

Sue Sutherland OBE
Chair of the University Board

“The great thing about BU is that it recognises that there is more to the university experience than just a degree; with the ever competitive nature of the job market, graduates need extra skills to succeed.

BU ensures that all of our students have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally throughout their time at university and supports students long after they graduate.

By putting students at the core of every decision, BU and SUBU can work in partnership to ensure the student journey is an excellent one.

With the development of the student centre at the heart of campus, SUBU is entering into a new era in which student engagement will undoubtedly increase. At SUBU, we aim to promote student engagement and consistently deliver on the needs of today’s students.

I look forward to working with BU in this new era to ensure our students develop the skills to stand out and have a university experience worth remembering”.   

Chloe Schendel-Wilson, SUBU President

Chloe Schendel-Wilson
SUBU President


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